• € 850.00

    Super 12 'Living Series'

    Super 12 'Living Series' is our own vision to provide with a customizable auditory experience at the highest level. 

    Offering a configuration alongside different features, thus creating an own twist in making any unit blend with style even in the most boutique living room. 

    Packed with most essential features, the use of high-end components at upmost importance and a sheer continuity behind the legacy and the spirit behind Hevos.


    Configure Super 12 'Living Series'

Custom Shop

Welcome to the Public Peace Custom Shop!

For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome and a high screen resolution.

The visualisation is meant to help you design the instrument you always dreamed of. 
It is not a technically correct image of the dimensions and proportions (eg. string & pickup spacings, pot positions etc.). 

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